Algeria has become the favorite country of the industry and jewelry and has rapidly increased its volume in the sector. In 2017, our exports to Algeria reached a volume of $ 10 million in 2018, while competing with countries such as Switzerland, Canada and Australia in volume terms on a dollar basis. Algeria is located in the first countries of the country 50 for years in the ranking of exports between 170 countries. Although international fairs have been held in many sectors, this is an important advantage for the region for the first time that a jewelry fair will be held in the field. When we look at neighboring countries, most exports are made to Algeria, which is a distinct situation that reveals the potential. The growing interest in jewelery and gold jewelry in Algeria is paving the way for the jewelry machinery and technology sector. Jewelry Algeria is an important exhibition for producers and wholesalers to open in foreign markets, buy attraction shares and win a new portfolio of customers, and many visitors are expected to participate in the region’s center of attraction .

It is an international fair that will be held for the first time in Algeria, a center of attraction in recent years. In addition to neighboring countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Niger, overseas neighbors will be inundated by visitors from Italy, Spain and other countries. The company is expected to have wide participation in the Algerian fair, which has a high potential of new customers.